Monday, February 14, 2011

Spending the day with a swollen eye

I woke up up this morning with a swollen eye, my right eye to be precise. I don't know what caused it, perhaps some insect bit me while I was giving my body its due. Maybe my doctor friends Alade and David can help me out.

Thanks to this extra patch of meat under my eye, I could not report to the office. Instead of going to the hospital, I was called to come to campus because we had a presentation on a Macro Economics assignment.

Today being the so called Valentine's day, I've not called or sent any sms to wish anyone happy v day. Yea I hardly flow with the crowd :-). Ok maybe I hardly have anybody that I'd want to share my day with ;-).

We're done with the presentation and I'm now struggling for transport back home...with my eye still swollen and painning me like hell...hope I get home before this pain aggravates.

In case you're wondering the point of this post, it's just to help me ease my pain knowing I've voiced it out to the world...:-). Do wish me well...and get me a chocolate...

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